Common Lawn Questions

Some of your questions answered…

When will I start to see an improvement in my lawn?

The Lawn Man’s treatments extremely effective so you should see results in as little as two weeks. Your lawn should start to thicken and deepen in colour and any weeds should start to wither.

Do I have to wait until spring to start the process?

The Lawn Man is able to start the treatment programme at any stage. Its not a problem at all if you’d like to start later on in the year.

Is there a minimum size of lawn you will treat?

There’s no job too small for The Lawn Man.  Always happy to treat any size lawn, no matter how small.

I already have a Gardener, will this be a problem?

The Lawn Man will be happy to undertake any additional services you might need. Making sure your lawn is at its optimum condition is our priority so we will do our best to work alongside your current gardener to achieve this.

Is it safe for my children and pets?

Yes! Although some of the additional treatments may require extra precautions. The Lawn Man will always advise you of these.

More Questions?

The Lawn Man is always happy to help – if there are any specific questions you have about your lawn or if you have noticed any particular lawn problems please get in touch. If you would like a professional opinion we are pleased to offer a free lawn survey at your convenience.