Extra Treatments Update

Dear Customers,

We are please to announce some updates to our extra treatments!

We hope that you have been happy with the results so far from the treatments that we have applied to your lawn. Over the winter months is when we tackle other problems with your lawn such as soil compaction, thatch and risk of damage caused by the larva or the crane fly. Below are details of these extra treatments which will further improve your lawn.


This will reduce soil compaction. When soil is compacted it reduces the amount of water, air and nutrients that can get to the roots of the grass, so impeding the growth and health of your lawn.


This will reduce the build up of surface thatch and also remove any moss killed during treatment 4. Over time your lawn will get a build up of debris on the soil surface called thatch. This creates a waterproof layer which will reduce the amount of water and nutrients that can get to the roots of the grass.

Extra moss treatment

This treatment is done in January or at least a week before the lawn is Scarified and will help control the moss over winter when the grass is dormant but the moss is not. It also contains iron which will green up the grass without making it grow and help toughen the turf so it’s less susceptible to diseases.

To book these extra treatments which will further improve your lawn, please phone :

0800 731 3455


Download our extra treatments leaflet: Lawn Man Extra Treatments